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Sensorial Experience June 29th, 2024





We cordially invite you to join us on Saturday, June 29th, along with other like-minded individuals, for a unique afternoon “Sensorial Experience” in the beautiful church of Mariekerke, Bornem


This location is renowned for its stunning acoustics, which make the experience even more magical. 


During innerdance, we immerse ourselves in a world of profound self-discovery and inner transformation, using sounds, gentle touches, and scents to enrich this experience. 


What can you expect? 
You lie on a mat, close your eyes, and let the sounds you hear influence your body and mind. These sounds combine the highest and lowest brain waves, similar to the REM phase of the sleep cycle. 


People often provide feedback that during this deep meditative journey, they break patterns and change, resulting in a calmer nervous system and a different way of responding to triggers. It is a process of turning inward, supported by facilitators and the power of community. 


Additionally, we offer a lecture on the science behind the transformative properties of sound and vibrations.


Why participate? 

  • Discover the wisdom within your body, heart, and mind.
  • Embrace a sense of freedom.
  • Connect with a community of like-minded individuals on a transformative journey.
  • Nourish self-love and personal growth.

Every experience is valuable; nothing is mandatory, and everything is welcome. You are welcome. 

  • June 29th, from 3.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. 
  • Contribution: € 99

Reserve your spot quickly via this form!


With love,

Ahilan and Sofie