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Inner journey June 30th, 2024





Dive into a world of profound self-discovery and inner transformation during the Inner journey on Sunday, June 30, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Are you curious about who you really are? Do you want to discover if there is another reality? Or do you want to give yourself time and healing? Step into a world of profound self-discovery and inner transformation during the Inner journey, where two experienced inner dance trainers (Ahilan and Sofie) will guide two special inner dance sessions. This unique opportunity allows you to dive deep into yourself and connect with your inner wisdom. In addition to the inner dance sessions, there is also an inspiring lecture planned. During this lecture, you will discover how to identify, observe, learn from, and ultimately break (toxic) patterns and cycles that repeat in your life.


  • Located in the historical splendor of the former brewery where yogastudio Thuise is located, you will find yourself far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
  • At the start of an inner dance, participants lie down on a mat.
  • Driven by specially chosen sounds and music, there is a co-activation of our nervous system, allowing the body to move spontaneously and the mind to travel to other dimensions. Music, scents, and touches play a crucial role, stimulating regions of the brain that regulate our biological clock and activate the instinctive intelligence of our autonomic nervous system.
  • Sometimes, hidden behind masks and roles, we lose sight of our true identity. With inner dance, you peel away the layers of your false self.
  • After a delicious and nourishing vegan lunch, we further indulge ourselves with the healing sounds of sound and chakra healing.
  • This is followed by a second inner dance session. During a second session, we often go even deeper into the experience. We conclude with a sharing circle.

This event is suitable for everyone, regardless of prior knowledge.

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The contribution for your participation is €180, including VAT. If you have a business number, I can issue an invoice so you can include this in your expenses.